Taxi prices in the Amsterdam region

Do you need a taxi and are you curious what the prices of our company in Amsterdam are? This is largely dependent on a number of factors, which we happily provide you more information about. This way, you know which factors to consider when thinking about taxi prices from for example Amsterdam to Schiphol, Hoofddorp or elsewhere in the country.

Factors that co-determine taxi prices in Amsterdam and surroundings

As you will likely be aware of, taxi prices in Amsterdam and surroundings, such as Hoofddorp or Schiphol, are to a large extent determined by the duration of the ride. Moreover, you also need to consider the type of vehicle that you ask for. At E-Taxi Amsterdam, we have a large fleet of 900 ultra-modern vehicles, ranging from electric taxis to regular ones. The number of passengers, as well as the type of car that you opt for, co-determine the taxi prices for rides in and around Amsterdam, Hoofddorp and Schiphol. At E-Taxi Amsterdam, we like to be transparent about our rates. That is why you can easily and quickly calculate your fare with our online trip planner!

Calculate your fare and book straight away

Fill out our convenient booking form and immediately see the taxi prices for your ride from or to Amsterdam, Schiphol, Hoofddorp, elsewhere in the country or even abroad. After doing so, you can directly order your taxi online. Do you have a special request or do you want to know more about the taxi prices from our company in Amsterdam, near Hoofddorp and Schiphol? Then phone us via +31 6 262 626 59 or send an email to We like to adapt our transport to your wishes, so that our courteous drivers can bring you to your desired destination in a timely and safely manner.