Amsterdam to Madurodam tour

Are you travelling to Amsterdam and would you like to visit Madurodam during a tour? Then book a private chauffeur at E-Taxi Amsterdam! We offer various fully arranged tours, including water and snacks for the road, to popular destinations in The Netherlands and abroad. The tour from Amsterdam to Madurodam is one of the most popular ones. Experience it for yourself!

Travel from Amsterdam to Madurodam during our pleasant tour

Madurodam is one of the must-see attractions in The Netherlands, no matter if you are a domestic or international tourist or in the country for a business trip. In this famous attraction park in The Hague, you get to admire The Netherlands in miniature. Have you always wondered what Schiphol Airport looks like from above? Or are you curious what the highlights of any Dutch city look like in miniature? You will find out during our Amsterdam to Madurodam tour!

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